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Finding The Right Niche With FFXI Characters Makes The Game

There’s just something very alluring about coming home at the end of a long, hard day and logging onto a computer to explore a world where heroes are real and the good guys battle evil and actually win – if they play their cards right. This is the appeal that draws so many into Final Fantasy XI’s world of Vana’diel. Unfortunately, as it is with many other MMORPGs, catching up to the real player heroes of the world can be difficult at best. Fortunately, FFXI characters are diverse enough to be very interesting to play and it’s possible to buy FFXI accounts to jumpstart the action.

Those who want to buy FFXI accounts will soon discover the options available to them are amazing. With five playable races and a number of specialty classes available, selecting the right Final Fantasy XI account to buy comes down to personal style as much as anything else.
To determine which FFXI characters best fit personal style, it’s worth taking the time to brush up on what is available. For some players, the fantasy world fun lies in playing a specific race. FFXI characters represent these races:


  • Hume – As the name suggests, FFXI characters of the Hume race are human in appearance. The Hume race is considered fairly well balanced, which means they are multipurpose players in this fantasy setting.
  • Elvaan – This is a race of people of extraordinary beauty. Don’t let appearances deceive though, when FFXI characters represent this race, they will be fierce fighters or decent magic users. The Elvaan, however, are not known for their black magic abilities.
  • Galka – This race of people is noted for its incredible melee ability. Hulking creatures, Galka are powerful males that don’t reproduce; they reincarnate. If there is a desire to buy FFXI accounts meant for sheer melee fun, the Galka race is one to consider carefully.
  • Mithra – These are beautiful cat-like creatures that are renowned for their agility and dexterity. FFXI characters of this race are females that are often heralded for their hunting abilities. Those who look to trade FFXI accounts are often interested in this unique race.
  • Tarutaru – Those drawn to FFXI characters to be able to wield the forces of magic often find the Tarutaru race to their liking. Tarutaru are small humanoids that are quite childlike in size and appearance. They can, however, deal magical damage with the best of them.


FFXI characters are defined by much more than race. To truly find a niche that fits personal play style, it is important to decide what jobs might appeal. Starting jobs help define what powers a character will be able to wield within the world. The options include warrior, monk, thief, red mage, white mage and black mage. Further specialty options become available with FFXI character advancement.

For those who are completely undecided, FFXI accounts offering the red mage abilities might be of interest. This particular specialty track is considered a jack of all trades type character. Red mages can melee, heal and cast damaging spells. Although they aren’t as powerful as pure specialists, they can pinch-hit with the best of them.

The Final Fantasy XI world is one that thousands of players the world over escape to each day. Kick starting the action and jumping right into the fray is feasible for those who buy final fantasy XI accounts. For a more enjoyable experience, it is smart to carefully select FFXI characters to fit personal play style and interests.