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Exploring The Ethics Of WoW Character Leveling

Purists in any massively multiplayer online role playing game often complain that wow character leveling, buying gold and taking advantage of any other services that equalize the playing field for casual gamers is tantamount to cheating. When the facts behind the ethics claims are examined, however, WoW character leveling, WoW gold buying and other similar actions are cast in a much more favorable light.

Those who chose to buy WoW accounts, purchase gold or take advantage of WoW characters leveling assistance tend to do so for a few major reasons. These reasons include:


  • A desire to catch up with friends – Blizzard launched its World of Warcraft in 2004. This means long-time gamers have a several year head start on newcomers. If someone decides to look at WoW accounts for sale or take advantage of WoW character leveling to catch up with friends, this simply makes sense. It is not fun to play a MMORPG dozens of levels behind companions. Jumping right into the game is feasible when WoW character leveling assistance is taken advantage of.
  • A desire to skip to end-game content – Some players of MMORPGs only enjoy the large-scale, end-game content. Raiding is a tremendously enjoyable experience where no one can go it alone and every man – and woman – counts. When WoW character leveling help is accepted, people can get in on end-game action faster.
  • A need to get over a rough patch – Grinding in any online game can become boring and tedious. WoW character leveling help can assist casual gamers over humps and help them reach their goals faster. In turn, this can help keep players interested in the game and increase their enjoyment level.
  • Lack of time – Leveling to the maximum in a game like World of Warcraft can involve a tremendous amount of time. Casual gamers don’t always have this amount of time to spare, but it doesn’t mean they don’t want to enjoy playing and raiding with their friends. WoW character leveling or even buying WoW accounts can make this feasible.
  • Dissatisfaction with an original character – When a player does invest the time to get a character to max or close to it and decides a particular class just doesn’t fit play style right, it can be very frustrating. In this situation, some gamers consider the potential to trade WoW characters or go with WoW character leveling to enable them to enjoy playing another class.


Game play related reasons aside, WoW character leveling services are ethical for players who need assistance based on economics alone. The reality is gamers pay very good money to purchase their copies of WoW and pay their monthly subscription fees. If they choose to enlist help in getting to a set level or to the end game, it’s their prerogative.


When gaming through dozens of levels just doesn’t appeal, there’s nothing unethical about getting some help. Buying WoW accounts, purchasing WoW gold or getting WoW character leveling assistance just makes sense in these cases. After all, there’s no point in paying the price of admission if gaming isn’t enjoyable.